Wednesday, 5 December 2012

‘Uncommon sense’ - Gary Lam Wing Chun @ Warrington Kung Fu Studio

Gary Lam Wing Chun UK

Thank god for the Internet. The information age is upon us, and with its growth springs truth and insight into just about any topic we wish to submerge ourselves in. With specific regard to Kung Fu and Martial Skill, YouTube and other devices have worked to illuminate both good and bad.
With so much to choose from, video and media is working in the interests of the intelligent so that we may feed our intellect and thus our discernment in deciding how and with whom we may wish to focus our time and energies in Martial Arts Training.
All of a sudden we are in a much better position to pick and differentiate. Nobody in this day and age is in a position to waste time, it is our most valuable commodity.
This Blog will publish articles and information pertinent to developing Wing Chun as a combative art . I have been training in Chinese Kung Fu and Thai Boxing since 1991. I have been involved in Wing Chun since 2003 and student to Sifu Gary Lam since 2007. I have been teaching under my respective instructors since 1994 and teaching independently since 2008.
The aim is to provide reflection, insight, and perspective into the learning, teaching and application of Chinese Kung Fu. Hopefully it helps contribute to the production and evolution of Wing Chun as a respected and time tested, combat skill, with emphasis on practical application.
You will find extended versions of pre-published articles here, as well as additional info, specific to Wing Chun fundamentals and its application.
I only intend to relay observation, suggestion, and fact, based on my experience, as an honest depiction of insight and success at the time it was written.
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Article from 2006: Wing Chun Illustrated - Proximity.